Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 vs Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus

Flip 4 Versus S22

A heavy flipper or a great night shot?

If you thought the Z flip 3 was the best phone you ever owned, then think about it once again. The Z flip 4 will blow your minds off. Do you like your mobile phone to be tiny, cute, and pocket-sized? Do you want it to fit into your tiniest pocket and feel light about it? Well, then it is a big yes! The Flip 4 is what you should add to your bucket list in the coming days.

Of course, not all of us are looking at features only when it comes to a smartphone. Beyond a point features on smartphones are like unwanted cherries on the cake. A lot of us also look for a lightweight phone sometimes too. But is that really critical? Well, it is something only you can answer before you make an investment to buy a mobile phone.

Wait! I know you might just want to jump into comparing the S22 & Flip 4, but hold on! It is not the most ideal and healthy comparison that you could possibly ask for. Give it a minute and think how Samsung actually places the S22 in its catalog, it is right up there. So why be so unjust to the Flip 4 after all, buddy?

But still, yes still! We think that the Flip 4 will really capture a big market share in the coming days. Considering how the Flip 3 has been upgraded to a much more shiny, lustful, and appealing design we think that the energy-efficient SoC will really help the Flip 4 climb up the sales pipeline.

Gamers you would love the large screen on these Android phones. So now let’s delve a little deeper into the hardware, software, and the real question. Should I buy the Flip 4 after all?

Hardware – Z Flip 4

Let’s look at the overall specs, The Flip 4 has a 6.7-inch bigger display compared to the S 22 which just has a 6.1-inch display. Even when we look at the display resolution, the Flip 4 has a 1080 X 2640 pixels resolution compared to the S22 which is at 1080 X 2340 pixels. One more significant feature is that it is slimmer and has a 6.9 mm body compared to S22’s standard 7.6 mm.

Hardware – S22

So where does the S22 Win? Well the rear camera on the S22 is really good and it stands at 50MP + 12MP + 10MP – a triple camera model. The Flip 4 stands at just 12 MP + 12 MP – a dual camera model. Even though it’s being marketed as being really slim and easy to fit, the big reveal is that the Flip 4 is heavier at 187g compared to the S22 at 168g.

Both mobile phones look very similar when they are not folded and are open. But the Flip 4, of course, although a little heavier fits into your pocket easily. This is what Samsung wants you to know through their brand messaging, on all social media handles. The S22 uses a glass panel and the Flip uses bendable OLED. So what does that bring on? It brings on something called the cover display, which can actually let you see messages and notifications even when the phone is dormant.

We will have to give credit to Samsung for making a great foldable phone. However, with an IP68 rating, the S22 is better than the Flip4 which has an IPX8 rating. This just means that the S22 is more durable, and can really be a better choice if you are looking for a sturdy mobile phone. An OLED display on the Flip 4 isn’t going to give any competition to the S22 when it comes to durability.

So please don’t confuse the Flip 4, to be easier to break. In fact, that is not the criteria we are talking about here. The only thing that makes the S22 durable is the build that it has. Both the phones are strong but the S22 is stronger!

Software – Z Flip4 & S22

One really outstanding thing that stands out for the Flip 4 is the fact that it enables one part of the camera to act as a viewfinder, while the other part actually captures the audio and video. It’s a Win-Win situation when you look at the Flex mode because the S22 apparently doesn’t have anything like this! This is exactly what Samsung wants you to be crazy about! So do you feel the FOMO yet?

We won’t get into the software details much here, because it is something that you will experience once you give both phones a test. Both operate on Android and feel exactly the same when you interact with them. But the biggest difference is the user experience of using a flex phone versus a standard one.

You will certainly come across some really innovative design and accessibility options that you haven’t felt before. Both run on Android v12 but the Flex 4 supports only HDR, Panorama, and HDR10 + whereas there is Auto-HDR & panorama in the case of S22. So the difference is more to be felt than written about.

Which one should I buy?

As we mentioned already, if you are a gamer, the Flip 4 with the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 has much better performance. This is what helps it achieve flawless performance without battery impact. On the other hand, if you are a casual business user, then it might not come across as a critical difference to you. Calling, texting, and chatting work flawlessly on the phone and so do video calls.

One thing that you might want to consider when choosing the S22 is your love for low-light photography. Yes, that is something the camera-heavy S22 can offer you over the Flip 4. So which one are you going to get? Do let us know in the comments below.

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