Phillies minor leaguer Corey Phelan dies at 20 after battle with cancer

"We’re going to play hard like we always do, but with Corey on our minds," says Eflin, who had a special connection with Phelan.

Corey Phelan is the Philadelphia Phillies' left-handed versatile pitcher who signed as an undrafted free agent after graduating high school in 2020

He was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in April 2022.  

After struggling with this horrifying disease for 180 days, Phelan took his last breath and dies of cancer.

How the Phillies’ Daniel Brito is helping Corey Phelan in his cancer battle: ‘I’m trying to keep that fire alive’

"He's in a better place and that he's in paradise,"  Turrini says. "And now he's playing baseball with whoever he wants to."

The Philadelphia Phillies organization is mourning the loss of minor leaguer Corey Phelan.